Warm ups to get the Benefit of Your personal training program

Warm up Exercise Jacksonville FL

Sports specific training helps athletes excel in their chosen sport.

Warming up correctly before a session begins assists players to reduce the chance of injury. Here are some excercises done by athletes before training regardless of their sport.Basketball Warmup Exercise Jacksonville FL

  1. Stretching:
    • Spread legs apart and place hands over head, lean with arms straight to one side and then switch to other side keeping your arms straight. -Do 10 reps.
    • Hip twister with legs apart. Fold arms with fists together in chest area. Rotate body from one side to the other. 10 Reps
    • Legs shoulder width apart with arms out in front at shoulder height. Bend legs and lower your butt to a 90% angle- a seated angle- raise up and down 10 reps to start.
    • Toe touching with feet together- keep legs straight bend slowly to touch toes- 10 reps to start.
  2. Lateral lunges gets the side of the butt a workout. Lunges get the muscles engaged and stretched. Specific training does these stretches to get fewer knee injuries.
  3. Sprints – But start with a jog and build fast twitch muscles with increased speed.

Good warm up by a specific sport trainer makes sure athletes are fully warmed up before the work out so they can give their best performance.

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