Sports Training Jacksonville FL

Creating a fitness or sport training program should be personalized. There are key points which should be incorporated for any one .These include:


Your fitness plan needs to be tailored for the individual’s needs. A 13 year old athletes plan is different that a 40 year old person. A high school program will be different that a professional athletes plan. The differences need to be taken into account.

Specific Concerns

A pitcher or quarterback needs arm strength. Linebackers will lneed leg, back and work on overall strength. Runners will need extra work to improve speed and accuracy in football. Excercises should meet the specific needs of the athlete.


Improvement takes consistency, repetition and time. Experienced trainers understand this and will help athletes or fitness clients to train over time, charting their the gradual gains. Boasting about instant change should be approached with caution because LASTING INJURIES COULD OCCUR.


Adding more work to the load on an athlete’s shoulders builds strength and ability. Resistance work, increased time or sets should also be added slowly to allow the body strength to catch up. Only an experience sport trainer will know how to add the overload for lasting results. Over time your body will adapt to the new requirements.The body will rise to the challenges when tackled correctly. You will see the adaption with the athlete’s muscle thickens and muscles become visibly more developed. Experienced coaches are needed during increased pressure phases. Knowing how much pressure, how many reps, how long to work, and when to stoop are all part of this phase.


Bodies do adapt to increased use, but they also need time to recover. It could be seconds of rest between sets, hours or days between sessions or weeks between seasons; all athletes need recovery time. A good coach adapts this into the individuals’ sport training.


The old saying ” use it or lose it” principle holds true. If you discontinue your workouts or omit parts of your routine, your body’s adaptions will reverse, slowly undoing progress you have made. Consistency is a key to success.

Putting it all together

Finding an experienced sport trainer for your program is incredibly important. Athletes in the Jacksonville area can seek out SAS Sports Performance for fitness and training advise. An experienced coach and trainer such as Darrell Pasquale with SAS in Jacksonville needs to be apart of your planning to get optimum results and maximize your athletic potential.