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Customized Training For Specific Athletes

Superior Coaching Customized for the Athlete

Players and agents have looked to SAS to train with. SAS has made many successful recommendations about players to colleges and pro teams. SAS has coached NFL & CFL players in skill positions, special teams, and strength training. SAS has coached pro free agents, UFL, NSFL, Arena football players, college players, high school athletes, Pop Warner and other little league athletes and teams. SAS gets the best out the athletes for their next level performance.

Strength & Fitness Training

Become Faster, Quicker, Stronger & More Athletic

SAS knows that peak performance comes from personalized training. SAS creates a customized program for each and every athlete. Darrell has his own system for enhancing athletic ability, speed and running improvement, agility, balance, coordination, flexibility, sport specific performance, strength training, fitness, as well as mental and playbook preparation.

Darrell is a great trainer... he creates a personalized connection with athletes, and he takes the time to get to know them as an athlete and what they need to improve on... not just put them through a routine workout.


Clarence Denmark
Former Jacksonville Jaguars
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Sport Performance to Enhance Skills

Sport Performance to Enhance Skills

SAS has developed champions in football, tennis, basketball, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, volleyball, track and field, swimming, golf, and hockey through individual training, in small groups, or in teams.

National Exposure for Athletes

To be successful as an athlete in their sport you have to teach and coach in parts, phases, and progressions to maximize the true potential. Also you must know how to use different methods as no two people learn the same way. SAS develops a personalized way to teach an individual so they can process, apply, and achieve success.

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