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Testimonials from Coaches & Athletes

Darrell is a great trainer... he creates a personalized connection with athletes, and he takes the time to get to know them as an athlete and what they need to improve on... not just put them through a routine workout.

Clarence Denmark
Former Jacksonville Jaguars

The best training I've ever received! I noticed improvements to power and explosion, as well as increased reaction time. I'm glad I found Darrell at the beginning of my career and would recommend SAS to others becuase it works and unlike the big companies out there, you get personal attention with Darrell.

Quentin Groves
2nd Round Draft Pick
Jacksonville Jaguars

Coach Darrell Pasquale's sport specific, purposeful, motivated and safe training methods have improved my daugther's strength, agility, speed and power. He has definitely helped make her a better athlete and competitor.

Carl Poske
Director of Tennis
Oakridge Racquet Club

You were one of the most instrumental and biggest impacts of the success of the team! Our record was 28-8 and we were Southeast Division Champions with a number 2 overall seed in the playoffs.

Coach Steve Tucker
Former ABA Head Coach
Jacksonville Jam

The program was instrumental to our players gaining quickness, speed and strength as it relates to baseball.

Dave Barnett
Coach / Athletic Director
Flagler College

After four days of speed training and individual coaching by positions of the Nease High School football team, I am very pleased with the SAS camp.

Craig Howard
Football Head Coach
Nease High School

Coach P showed me how to move quicker in the pocket. For example, short quick steps, side to side, forward and backward. As well as opening up my front hip to throw passes in flat

Nick Tronti
Mr Football 2016 (Florida)

The program has helped me improve on making more accelerated and explosive tackles. My reaction time is much quicker and efficient on my first steps. My sideline to sideline movement is much faster in covering the field.

Hunter Haynes
Middle Line Backer
Wake Forest Uni
Nease High School

This program increased my footwork, speed, agility and quickness. What's more, it's fun and keeps me ahead of the game.

Gavin Hawkins
Episcopal High School

Darrell, Nick owes much of his success to you and your Dad

John Tronti

After a few sessions with Coach Pasquale, I feel like I am getting to the ball quicker and back in my position faster. I have more time to prepare for the next shot, which is key in tennis.

Sierra Poske
Ranked 1st in State of Florida
Wake Forest Uni

Darrell Pasquale training is definitely unique from a lot of other trainers. Darrell has years of experience not only coaching in the NFL but also has experience as a player. During his training session he combines both his knowledge as a former coach and as a former player to create a training experience that is second to none.

Dwayne Norman
Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos

I've been with Coach Pasquale for six or seven years now since I was a little guy out of high school. He transformed my agility, speed and performance on the offensive line from the field. He transformed me from someone going to high school to being a college player. I still come back and work with him because it's been a pleasure. He not only improved me as a player, but also as a man.

Brantley Mayers
Amherst College

The quality of instruction is top notch! I learned more in a week and a half than I did playing football for a top program in 4 years!

Stephon Green
Former Detroit Lions
Former Saskatchewan RoughRiders

I was immediately impressed & knew Darrell was the exact trainer for a college lineman wanting to increase speed, agility & strength. I saw my son progress immensely in SAS & self-confidence it takes to succeed. He received personalized attention, increased knowledge, making an incredible experience & max personal growth.

Dr. Drew D'Amelio-Father

Darrell is very thorough & challenging. I am much more flexible as well as improved in SAS! I would recommend SAS for any athlete.

David D'Amelio
Varsity Football Lineman at Cornell University

Coach Darrell Pasquale is one of the most talented, genuine, dedicated, respected, and multi-faceted athletic-strength trainers of young to pro level athletes I have had the pleasure of getting to know and work with over the past 20+ years during my time working with the NFL, and now in sports broadcasting. I have witnessed his clients take their game to a higher level of excellence physically as well as mentally. Coach Pasquale develops both men and women athletes into well rounded 'complete warriors' in their sport...being able to develop disciplined mental toughness, focus, passion and determination are equally important to one's overall success as is developing one's physical strength, agility, endurance, and skill.

Robin Valetutto KBDT 1160AM Business Development / Sports Director Executive Director, Alliance 4 the Brave

We tried other coaches and were disappointed.  No one parallels the level, caliber, attention and honest feedback of Coach Larry. He is overqualified to be training children as his expertise is with professional athletes. But as a customer: I sit back and enjoy the results! Our sixth grade son was transformed into a real competitor. The SAS way is great with kids. Mentally and physically our son's agility, speed and strength improved tremendously. Working with the SAS program developed by Darrell Pasquale and coached by Larry Pasquale was the key to this improvement. I highly recommend.


                                                                                                                                                                                                  Justin Mirgeaux

Tristan Mirgeaux
Tristan Mirgeaux

Elena Shepelskiy (Mom) on Daniel's training with S.A.S. Speed Agility Sport Specific:

" My son had an honor of training with Larry Pasquale. We stayed in Ponte Vedra Beach FL, for 2 months, so my young football player wanted to seize this lifetime opportunity. How often do you get a chance to train 1:1 with an NFL coach when you are 14! My son took it very seriously and practiced 4 times per week. Surprisingly, Larry took it seriously too. It's not just the expertise and experience that Larry brings to the field, it's holistic approach. Larry is more than a coach, he is a mentor! He sees right through your child and makes him stronger in every aspect of his life. Larry is calm, his messages areshort and sweet. There is no big NFL ego, just big heart and love for the game! I never saw my my child so engaged, dedicated and happy! My son made tremendous progress! He learned in 2 months more than he learned in 4 years. He adores Larry. I wish we could take him with us to New York! We will always keep Larry close to our hearts."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Daniel Shepelskiy
Daniel Shepelskiy

Professional Coaching

  • San Diego Chargers
  • Jacksonville Jaguars
  • Toronto Argonauts
  • San Diego State
  • Fordham
  • Chattanooga Mocs
  • Lehigh University
  • Army West Point Athletics
  • Jacksonville Jam

Pro Athletes Coached

  • NFL Players

  • Marshall Faulk - IND, STL

  • Robert Griffith - MIN, CLE, ARZ

  • La' Roi Glover - DAL, NO, STL, OAK

  • Kyle Turley - STL

  • Darney Scott - Former CINN, DAL

  • Will Blackwell - Former PITT

  • Ramondo Stallings - Former CINN

  • Jamal Duff - Former OAK

  • Terrell Owens - SF, PHL

  • Mario Green - Former NE

  • Rahib Abdullah - CLE, NE

  • Junior Seau - SD, MIA, NE

  • Rodney Harrison - SD, NE

  • Terrell Fletcher - SD

  • John Carney - SD, NO, JAX

  • Darren Bennett - SD, MIN

  • Eric Metcalf - SD, ARZ

  • James Burgess - SD

  • Steve Tovar - SD

  • CFL Players

  • Jeff Taylor - Toronto

  • Michael Jenkins - Toronto

  • Noel Prefontaine - Toronto

  • Wayne Blair - Toronto

Pro Athletes Trained

  • NFL Players

  • Quentin Groves - JAX, OAK, CLE, ARZ

  • Jarett Dillard - JAX, ARZ, DET

  • TJ Barnes - JAX, KC

  • Matt Hansen - ATL

  • Stephon Green - DET

  • Bobby Williams - HOU

  • Patrick Venske - JAX, PHI, IND

  • Dwayne Norman - OAK

  • CFL Players

  • Clarence Denmark - Winnipeg

  • Keith Williams - Edmonton

  • AFL Players

  • Nerraw McCormick - Pitt

  • Virgil Gray - ARZ

  • Ki'ameer Johnson - MIL

  • Darrell Campbell - ORL

  • Brett Bowers - ORL

Athletes Trained & Awarded Scholarships

  • College Football

  • QB - INDIANA UNIV (All State)

  • OL AT Penn Univ.

  • OL AT Amerest college

  • LB AT Wingate Univ.

  • OL AT Virginia Tech

  • S AT Oklahoma U.

  • QB AT Florida U. (All State)

  • RB AT Brown Univ.

  • LB AT Mass. Maritime

  • WR AT Elon /Hofstra UniV.

  • C/LB AT Carson Newman

  • C AT North Carolina

  • OL AT College of Charleston

  • DB AT Birmingham southern

  • RB/S AT Florida State U/JU

  • MLB AT Wake Forest U.

  • LB AT Wake Forest U.

  • QB AT Wake Forest U.

  • WR AT Southern Miss/Arizona U.

  • WR AT Southern Miss

  • RB AT U. of Louisville

  • WR AT U. of Alabama

  • DE AT U. of Alabama

  • QB AT Florida A&M U.

  • QB AT Georgetown U. (All State)

  • RB AT FSU/Georgia Southern

  • P AT Bethune-Cookman


  • DE AT U. Connecticut

  • WR AT Florida State U.

  • TE AT Lenoir Rhyne Univ.

  • AT Stetson Univ.

  • RB AT LaGrange College

  • WR AT Webber Univ.

  • WR AT Central Florida

  • WR AT Warner University


  • College Soccer

  • goalie at coll. of charleston

  • College Tennis

  • univ. of nebraska

  • wake forest univ.

  • bucknell univ.

  • vassar college

  • rollins college

  • College Softball

  • florida state

  • florida gulf coast

  • georgia tech

  • College Baseball

  • milligan college

  • FIU

  • ohio domican

  • ohio domican

  • College Lacrosse

  • skidmore college

  • College Swimming

  • skidmore college

  • Players Trained

  • bolles high school

  • trinity christian football

  • episcopal high school

  • mandarin high school

  • nease high school football

  • flagler college baseball

  • nease high school tennis

  • st. joe’s high school football

  • spanish river high school

  • macclenny high school

  • jysc Age 10 soccer

  • Ponte Vedra High School Football

  • Sandalwood High School Football

  • Providence High School

  • Atlantic Coast High School Softball

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