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Football Training

"The quality of instruction is top notch!
I learned more in a week and a half
than I did playing football for a top program in 4 years!"



Football Position Specific Training

Football Position Specific Skills

SAS Football Training, SAS trains Football Position Specific Skills, every football position's fundamentals, techniques, and skills.

SAS sports performance training is a unique system with superior coaching by Darrell and Larry Pasquale who have both played and coached the game of football.  With over 60 years of combined coaching experience, including 25 years of professional coaching experience between the two, they coach from a deep understanding of what players need in each position to be successful.

SAS training is specifically customized for any football position, specialists, and players needing to learn special teams.  The Pasquale coaches draw from experience coaching NFL, CFL, NCAA and high school players of all ranges of talent and natural ability.  We focus on all fundamentals, techniques, skills of each position as well as in all situations that a player could face throughout a game.

As any NFL player or agent knows, players earn their position on a team every year, and every day in practice. Regardless of draft position or past NFL success, an NFL player has to maintain superior skills and athletic ability and constantly improve in order to keep their roster position.  You must be able to produce positive results on the field.

SAS focuses on the fine tuning of your athletic ability, speed, reaction time, fundamentals and techniques, position skills, game play and strength and conditioning, so you can achieve your goal of playing in the NFL.

Reach out to us today to share your goals and hear our plan to train you for the next level.  In addition to the important speed, agility, sport-specific and strength conditioning you need, the coaches at SAS can also recommend the other necessary professional contacts for your nutrition, physical therapy, massage needs and places to stay.

Speed Agility Sport Specific (SAS) Orange County, CA, Los Angeles, CA,  Jacksonville, FL, specializing in Football Training, Position Skills training, all positions in football and specifics. Football position fundamentals, techniques, skills, specialists and special teams units.

The quality of instruction is top notch! I learned more in a week and a half than I did playing football for a top program in 4 years!


Stephon Green
Former Detroit Lions
Former Saskatchewan RoughRiders
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Football Offence Training


QB- all aspects of position
OL- each position, all aspects
TE/HB- each position all aspects
RB - each position, all aspects
WR- each position, all aspects
ATH- all areas of position
Football Defence Training


DL- each position, all aspects
LB- each position, all aspects
DB- each position, all aspects
Football Training Specialist


KICKERS- all areas
PUNTERS- all areas
PUNT RETURNERS- all aspects
KICK RETURNERS-all aspects



We cover all areas of football - fundamentals, techniques, skills positions, specialists and units, all situations throughout a game.

Let SAS coach you to be the best football player you can be!

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