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Darrell Pasquale

About Coach Darrell Pasquale

Founder, Owner, Director

Darrell Pasquale is a career coach and has held professional positions as Special Teams Coordinator (Toronto Argonauts), Special Teams Assistant Coach (San Diego Chargers), Strength and Fitness Coach (Jacksonville Jam), including assisting  the Special Teams Coach at (Philadelphia Eagles, Jacksonville Jaguars, and St. Louis Rams), and Strength and Conditioning Coach (Jacksonville Jaguars).

He and S.A.S. train athletes in Orange County & Los Angeles, California and Jacksonville, Florida.

Darrell Pasquale grew up around NFL players and coaches, watching professional level athletes carefully in their particular position in both training and game day situations. Passionate about elite level sports from a young age, Darrell learned from studying and interacting with coaches of seven different NFL teams in addition to mentoring from his award-winning NFL and CFL football coach father Larry Pasquale.

His unique ability to see each athlete differently and to train them accordingly to their own abilities have produced superior results throughout his career.

(S.A.S.) SPEED, AGILITY, SPORT SPECIFIC has trained over 400 athletes from the U.S. and Europe.

Coach Darrell Pasquale's experience and background is unique, as is the SAS program. SAS Speed, Agility, Sport Specific was formed into a precise athlete training program that mirrors what an athlete needs and what a coach is looking for in an athlete. This means an athlete's overall athletic ability and the athlete's specific sport performance ability.

SAS training prepares and empowers athletes to reach the next level through goal setting and progressive improvement. Darrell Pasquale has coached and trained professional athletes playing in the NFL, NFL Europe, CFL, AFL, IFL-indoor Football, ITF (International Tennis Federation), ABA (American Basketball Association, and MLB.

Darrell Pasquale’s experience included coaching for many colleges and prominent players in the FBS and FCS who played in the NFL. SAS has trained and prepared many athletes competing in the NCAA FBS, FCS, Divisions II, III and NAIA as well as athletes still in high school who have received scholarships to play a sport in college. Darrell has trained several international athletes who received USA college football scholarships. Darrell has coached local high schools, middle schools, and young athletes in their respective sports, while also helping adult and youth clients train for overall fitness.

  • 15+ years of directing speed camps, agility camps, sport specific camps, football academy camps, specialists camps
  • 15+ years coaching at NCAA, NFL and Combine camps
  • 15+ years of offering coaching and fitness expert advice to athletes , several years speaking on the “Inside the Game” radio show and has appeared for “VMS”  webcast show
  • Lecturer at several football clinics in the USA and Canada
  • Speaker at ’’Chalk talk with the Pros” for women, and at an elementary school fitness presentations for school children

Coach Pasquale's SAS athletes have achieved much success in the sports of football, tennis, baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, swimming, soccer, hockey, golf, and track and field.

Larry Pasquale

About Coach Larry Pasquale

Larry Pasquale entered the NFL in 1979 as special teams coach for the Detroit Lions, in 1980 he joined the New York Jets as wide receivers coach, took over the Jets' special teams for the next nine seasons, then went to the San Diego Chargers, Philidelphia Eagles and served under former New York Giants coach Tom Coughlin from 1995-99 in Jacksonville for the Jaguars. 

Pasquale coached the St. Louis Rams' special teams in 2000, helping lead the Super Bowl champions to their second consecutive playoff appearance. Larry then began his broadcasting career as an analyst for the New York Jets on MSG Radio, but before moving behind the mike, he was one of the most respected special teams coaches in the NFL. He was named Special Teams Coach of the Year in 1990, and was nominated for the award again in 1995 and '97. Larry Pasquale was a football commentator for eight seasons with the YES Network, bringing 39 years of coaching experience to the network's flagship football programs, "This Week In Football." Pasquale's "Coach's Class" segment and weekly Jets and Giants game plans also appear on YESNetwork.com. Larry Pasquale is a consultant to the players.

Coaching For Pro & NFL Players

Coached & Worked with hundreds Pro & NFL Players

San Diego Chargers
Jacksonville Jaguars
Toronto Argonauts
Philidelphia Eagles 

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Training Athletes For Scholarship Programs

Helped more than 50 Athletes Achieve Scholarships

Nease High School
Mandarin High School
Spanish River High School
Macclenny High School
Ponte Vedra High School
Sandalwood High School

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Training For Creating a Varsity Team

Trained 21 Athletes to Make the Varsity Team

Special Training In Sports Position Skills

Specialty Training in Sport Position Skills

KICKERS- all areas
PUNTERS- all areas
PUNT RETURNERS- all aspects
KICK RETURNERS-all aspects
Robert Griffth
Robert Griffth
Junior Seau
Junior Seau
Terrell Owens
Terrell Owens

Darrell Pasquale training is definitely unique from a lot of other trainers. Darrell has years of experience not only coaching in the NFL but also has experience as a player. During his training session he combines both his knowledge as a former coach and as a former player to create a training experience that is se...

Dwayne Norman
Oakland Raiders, Denver Broncos
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