How Long Could a Football Session Last?

Football Training Session Jacksonville FL

If your kids are undergoing football training sessions, then practice time is generally what’s left after school is done. Depending on several factors, this could last from anywhere from 50 minutes to an hour or longer.


If your kids are still under eight years old, then a session might last for only 50 minutes to an hour. Since kids have shorter attention spans, anything longer than an hour might not be as ideal and could just as easily be forgotten. For players who are about 11 or 12 years old, though, an hour and a half of practice will suit. Those under 15 years old can look forward to 2 hours’ worth of training.

Skill level

If your kids are training to be future soccer players, though, one of the things they would need to get used to is the grueling pace and amount of the training, says The Telegraph. Sessions multiple times a week can easily make all the difference between bagging that scholarship and losing it.

Training type

One way to give your kids an edge is to enroll them in football position training in Jacksonville. With so much competition these days, it’s not enough to learn how to play football the way they teach it in schools. With position-specific training, your kids can build strength and skill positions that they would never have been able to, otherwise.

Finding help

Choosing an excellent football position training in Jacksonville can help your child develop not just the skills to stay on top of the game but the kind of qualities that are going to prove invaluable in life later on—determination, motivation, drive. That’s the kind of training great coaches can give. If you believe in what your kids can do, if you believe in their talent and want them to hone those skills and see them grow and become professional athletes and football players, then don’t waste time and opportunity. If you want your kids to learn and you want to give them the best possible chance at achieving their dreams, give them the training and help they need. Look for professional trainers.


Just make sure your kids are ready for the commitment and endurance they will need to complete the training—the diets, the grueling workouts and demanding training schedules. For more details on position-specific training sessions, don’t hesitate to reach out and get in touch with us.