How to Improve Coordination Skills

Sports Performance Training for Coordination

Sports Performance training can provide you with exercises to enhance coordination. There are key elements to coordination which need to be worked on.

These include balance, rhythm, and spatial awareness. Body lean, arm movements and proper foot placement also have to be addressed when dealing with coordination.

Some exercises that we use to help coordination skills are;

    SAS Training for Coordination Skills

  1. Foot disc balancing- These are half circles where there is very little surface which requires one to practice and learn balance. Walking across a path of discs can help balance and is fun!
  2. Stepping up and down on boards- step training, changing heights, and walking up or down or running up and down stadium steps. This proper transferring of weights increases overall coordination.
  3. Lateral jumping over cones- Fun activities such as moving back and forth and landing on one foot as you go over the cone is important in coordination.
  4. Pattern running – It is a continual practice of the exact movements needed for a skill. The body begins to remember the required movements leading to better coordination and performance

These are some example of exercises used in sports performance training to improve coordination. What is also key is the immediate feedback that you will get from an experienced coach on techniques to gain better body control.

A simple adjustment with arms or foot positioning, for example, can make a big difference in an athletes performance. This requires very individual feedback which is given to improve your techniques. The techniques will also help keep your body in overall top shape. Good techniques make you look better and feel better about performance.

Why not try some sports performance training for coordination over the holiday break and see the immediate improvements which are possible.

No matter what your level of performance you will see progress. SAS is a Performance Training Program founded by Darrell Pasquale with 20 years of training experience. Give it a try. You need to take the next sytep. Call 616 6573.