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Endurance Training Jacksonville FL

Every football position requires a lot of endurance and each football position requires a variety of endurance ability. To build endurance football players require training throughout the year with changes to a protocol in and out of season.

One area needed is strength training which is done in a weight room with consistency to create power and overall strength. The goal is to gradually increase the amount work that is able to be done which avoids injury.

The second area is conditioning and skills training on the field. This field training is necessary for endurance to maintain the energy for the short and explosive movements during a game.

Specific drills for all competitive sports training in Jacksonville and for anywhere you play include:

  1. Interval sprints/strides: – which targets starts and stops such as sprint ladders along with alternating the sprint lengths is important in football and most other sports.
  2. Shuttle sprints: which can be accomplished indoors or outside for effective deceleration and stopping moves to avoid opponents yet maintain balance and coordination.
  3. Weight room repetitions: done gradually will build volume, bulk, and intensity needed in game play. The repetitive endurance perfects muscle memory performance within your position used in football.
  4. Position specific training drills: will be done by an experienced coach as he adapts to the individual players skills and position requirements to maximize performance.