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Darrell Pasquale training is definitely unique from a lot of other trainers. Darrell has years of experience not only coaching in the NFL but also has experience as a player. During his training session he combines both his knowledge as a former coach and as a former player to create a training experience that is second to none.

Dwayne Norman

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Speed Agility Sport Specific

Sports Performance Training

SAS instructs, teaches, gives feedback, and coaches through the whole workout.

SAS' unique methods, personalized custom tailored programs, with its specialized training and coaching style, functionally trains professional and amateur athletes. SAS has trained athletes within the U.S. and all around the world. It doesn't matter if you're in-season or the off-season. SAS will train you with the specifics you need to become the best athlete. We train differently for each season: athletically, functionally, and game situationally.

SAS was developed with one goal in mind, to enhance an athlete's overall athletic ability. If an athlete has the athletic ability, outstanding fundamentals, spot on technique, phenomenal skills they will be a dominating force and be the best player in their sport.

SAS has created a system to bring the best performance out of an athlete so they can utilize their true talent playing the game they have passion for and being the best player they can be. There are two main aspects that must be covered in order to be the best. First aspect: an athlete has to understand the overall athletic ability, desire, knowledge of the game to be successful. Second aspect: the Coach's need and what they are looking for in an athlete so they can be successful.

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Speed for an athlete is a big advantage in competition. In addition to straight away speed explosion, an athlete needs to have the quickest time and the shortest angles to that spot. SAS trains in all directions and has the athlete demonstrate functional game speed in their sport.

Jarrett Dillard

Jarrett Dillard


SAS will focus on an athlete's ability to change direction quickly and efficiently. The basic elements of agility include being in control of their body, good body position, quickness, balance, flexibility and coordination with their movements.

Quentin Groves

Quentin Groves

Sport Specific

Specific sport movements, position drills, and game day situations are needed for functional sport play. SAS sports performance training provides this type of experience. Athlete's training has to be developed specifically for their sport.

Marshall Faulk

Marshall Faulk

Coach P showed me how to move quicker in the pocket. For example, short quick steps, side to side, forward and backward. As well as opening up my front hip to throw passes in flat


Nick Tronti
Mr Football 2016 (Florida)
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