Football Training Exercises to Practice During Off Season?

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Off season is a relative term depending on where you live and play in an adult football league. Regardless of the time of year, though, it is of the utmost importance that you keep the body conditioned. This is not only for performance sake but for safety. When you skip the football fitness training drills for adults during the off season, you drastically increase the risk of injury once you begin regular play.

So, what sort of football fitness training drills for adults are the most commonly recommended? There are so many things that adult football players can do to remain in good condition. The key is to think about the core ideas that all sports training should emphasize, such as strength, agility, and stamina. Focus on these specifically, and you can keep yourself in good shape for most athletic activity. Then, you can incorporate the specific football fitness training drills for adults that let you emphasize your particular needs or areas of weakness.

Let’s just consider the basics first. During the off-season, it is a very good idea to look at body weight based training as a good way to keep your muscles in fine form. These are the plyometric exercises like lunges, squats, burpees, pushups and pull-ups that ensure you are toned and yet still flexible. And no matter what role you play on the team, strong legs are key. Again, squats (especially prisoner squats) are great for improving leg strength, but also work the underused muscles doing side lunges and medicine ball squats.

These exercises really target the core and keep the legs and joints in good form. You then need to “learn how to move” through the different football fitness training drills for adults. These are a blend of isolated moves and group interactions. The goal of any such drills is to ensure that the body can still run properly even in an off season setting as well as landing jumps well. It is surprisingly simple to suddenly lose the ability to perform regular football specific exercises because you just stop doing basic workouts or training. This is also why other sports can help as they ensure you never over train certain muscles and joints, opening yourself up to injury.

Look at your off-season football training and drills as conditioning and strengthening. It prepares you for the demands of the upcoming season and ensures you are in good shape at all times. The experts at SAS Sports Performance have off-season training options for adults and youth and are a great resource at any time of year.