David D’Amelio – A SAS Success Story


David D’Amelio is an offensive lineman for Cornell University. He plays right guard and is adaptable to play all positions on the offensive line.

David and I met on a Sunday in June 2017 and discussed the SAS program and what we could do for him. Following our talk, he was ready to plunge in and start training immediately. David was living in Jacksonville for a 6 week internship to accomplish his training goals

David trained 3 nights a the week with SAS on speed, agility and sport specific and then again on Saturday for a total of 4 sessions a week.

The program had 4 parts; speed, agility, sport specific and special offensive position skills. After SAS workouts, David worked at a gym lifting weight as specified by the Cornell staff using some SAS protocols lasting between 1-1/2 hrs. to 1-3/4 hrs. He worked consistently on combine drills, speed training, agility and offensive plays. He started with stretching and a dynamic warm up. One day the emphasis was mostly combine drills,. The next day emphasis wason speed technique training. The third, and fourth day was agility, footwork with offensive line drills, and position techniques.

Upon return to Cornell’s training camps, David was required to do a running test and passed with flying colors. His training paid off and he started right guard and was the only Offensive linemen to play every single down in the same position for the season. He won an offensive award during his junior season.

David improved in all areas of the offensive line position and definitely improved his overall athletic ability and credits his Coach, Darrell for his success.

In the off season, David will have to continue to work to maintain his improved athletic abilities. We will definitely watch for David next season at Cornell University.

Start your sport specific training program now as we START 2018. Call SAS (904) 616-6573 to inquire on how SAS and Coach Darrell Pasquale can help you achieve your athletic goals and be the best you can be. Darrell will help you plan a program which is right for you.


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