What is Sports Specific Fitness?

When someone refers to sports specific fitness, what they were speaking of is performance training and fitness that is designed in a particular way to improve athletic performance.

These types of programs might focus on various areas including power, endurance, speed, strength, mobility, flexibility, mobility, and more. Some may also provide help with goal setting, nutrition, recovery, and reduction of injury risks. A general program may include many or all of these components, while a more specific program will likely focus on a few that matter the most for a specific sport.

One of the most sports specific areas lies in energy system training or metabolic conditioning. The coach involved will work with the participant to condition them for not only their sport of choice bur their position, as well. An experienced strength coach will have the knowledge to help train the muscles and energy systems for the time frame used in the sport.

Another area where sports specific fitness is at an advantage is with reducing injury risk. Different sports have very different injuries that are common. In addition, this might vary by age, position, and gender. A great coach is able to choose the right areas to focus on to prevent possible injuries while playing.

Many people believe that a balance between general training and sports specific training is the best option. Some coaches believe that all athletes should be trained to be more quick and strong with no need for further specifics. Others believe that those general needs can be drilled down into for a specific sport and position to offer the best results.

In the end, the option is open to the player and the coach. Speed, balance, flexibility, fitness, mental preparation, and strength training are all important for any sport. However, using specialized exercises and training that flow better to a specific sport can also offer a competitive edge that may not be seen as quickly from general training.

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