Warm Up to Receive the Full Benefits of Your Training Program

Warm Up Exercise

Most high schools in Jacksonville have some sort of sports program. Sports specific training for Jacksonville, FL athletes helps them excel in their chosen sport. Warming up correctly before a program assists players and reduces the chance of injury. Take a look at some warm-up exercises done by different types of athletes before their training.

Dynamic Lunge With Rotation

This exercise opens up the upper and middle back and loosens up tight hips. It also provides players with extra stability. Players step out with their front leg, then lower their back knee until it’s a few inches from the ground while twisting from their waist. Repeat this exercise on both legs.

Lateral Lunges

The gluteus medius, or the side of the butt, often gets neglected during workouts. Practicing these lunges gets this muscle engaged and fully stretched, leading to fewer knee injuries. Players step out to the side, bending the knee of the leg moving out while keeping the opposite leg and the torso stable.


This exercise works the lower back, abs, and pelvis. It also engages shoulder muscles while stretching out a player’s glutes and hamstrings. Players begin with their feet together. After lowering themselves down with their hands on the ground, they walk themselves forward on their hands until they’re in a fully extended plank. Players then walk their feet forward a few inches at a time until their feet are next to their hands.

Jumping Jacks

They’re old-school, but they work. Jumping jacks are one of the best ways to get the heart rate up. The jumping motion forces deeper breathing, getting oxygen circulating more efficiently and warming up muscles throughout the entire body.


Sprints help athletes build up fast-twitch muscle fibers. They’re also a great way to increase cardiovascular endurance, helpful in sports where a great distance needs to be covered. Plus, getting through a grueling round of sprints gets your head ready to face anything else that’s thrown at you during a workout.

Athletes in every sport owe it to themselves to make sure that they’re warming up correctly in order to put in their best performance. Finding the right sports specific training in Jacksonville, FL helps players push themselves to new performance heights.

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