Why Agility Training for Football Must Start at a Young Age

Agility training for football is one of the most important things a child can do when they are young to perfect their football game later in life. Kids who are breaking into football want to be noticed by scouts, and they must have skills that help them look dazzling on tape. A kid who has been through agility training for football has better moves on the field, knows how to move in open space, and is more likely to make plays on Friday or Saturday night.

Why Is Agility Important?

Agility is the one thing that sets football players apart from the older they get. The NFL is a fast league that is populated by strong men who have quick feet. They learn to have quick feet by training in agility, and they have been working on their agility since they were young. The skills that are learned in agility drills help kids make a big impact on their team, and they create instant highlights that scouts will notice. These highlights are often the difference between getting a chance in football and being left by the wayside.

Training With Professional-Level Coaches

Our coaches that train kids in agility have quite a lot of experience playing the game and teaching it. Someone who has played high-level college football and professional football know the deep importance of agility, and our staff has a clear vision for players when they are given new agility drills. Each kid who is trained in agility participates in a custom program, and we ensure that the kids understand the importance of each drill. The kids are trained to move quickly, and they learn how to help others in the future.

Consistent Practice

We believe that kids must work out as often as possible to improve, and we provide agility training for football during the offseason when kids can improve without the stress of playing games. The training can continue for college kids in the offseason, and we have coaches who will stay with kids for years at a time. We want kids to keep up with the program until they achieve their goals, and we provide training for as long as a family wants their child to remain with us.

SAS Sports Performance is a full-service sports agility training company in Jacksonville, Florida that helps kids learn speed, agility, and sport-specific skills to catch the notice of college and professional scouts. We can be reached at 904-616-6573 or our website at www.sassportsperformance.com.