Kids Sports Training Camp Jacksonville FL



Spring & Summer camps on wed., thurs., fri., between 9:30- 11: am at Cornerstone Park, P.V.B. off A1A south

For youth 8-14 a sport Camp cost $99.
Call (904) 616-6573 to reserve a spot.   You must sign up in advance.
This is a great way to improve performance, more your skills forward, and have a good time.
Coached by Darrell Pasquale of SAS Sport Performance training program.   Call for more information


High School Combine Training Camp Jacksonville FL


 Young athletes  participate in combine tests to showcase their talents and skills and improve athletic ability.

 SAS Sports Performance Combine Training is an extensive and detailed program to train athletes how to do the tests correctly, accurately, and excel in them. 

 There will be work on 40 yd. dash, shuttle run, L drills, broad jumps, vertical jump, and bench press.

 Come and be better prepared in each area.

 Program starts  on Jan. 2, 2018 Call SAS and Darrell Pasquale at (904) 616-6573 to reserve a spot, and maximize your athletic talent and give yourself an edge.

 SAS Coaches have a great deal of experience administrating each of and all these tests.


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