Speed, Agility, Sport Specific – A Family Tradition

The Tronti family is a family of football players! It started with Zach Tronti who played running back at Nease High School. He was accepted to Brown University and was going to play football and needed to get ready for training camp. All summer, Zach trained for better Speed, Agility and running back skills work along with Christian Dennis-a wide receiver. Christian was going to Hofstra University to play football.

Zach worked extremely hard and was ready to play.   His speed improved from a 4.8 to a 4.59 as well as all aspects of the running back position.   Every summer, Zach continued to work to get better. He finished his years as the 2nd best Ivey League rusher, and 4th in overall yards.   (See Zach and Nick’s testimonial on SAS skill training).

The next Tronti member playing football was Greg, a linebacker at Ponte Vedra High School. During the off season, Greg word on speed training, agility footwork and linebacker position drills.   Greg improved in all areas and played middle linebacker for PVHS. After High School, Greg played football at Mass. Maritme College.

The third Tronti football player, Nick also decided to train with SAS Sports Performance. Zach brought Nick to my home and we discussed this young athlete.   After the meeting with Darrell Pasquale Nick was ready and onboard for the SAS Speed, Agility, and Sport Specific Training Program.  Right off the bat, we started personal training two times a week consistently. One day we worked on speed training.   The other day we worked on agility and quarterback position skills.   Nick and I started with the basics on his form for throwing the ball then we progressed to the next drill. We worked on all aspects of the QB position.   The 6 major aspects are quick release, accuracy, hip position, footwork in the pocket, keeping eyes downfield, and on rollouts turn body trunk with full shoulder rotation.   We did this year in and year out with consistency.   This consistent training enhanced Nick’s overall play producing an undefeated QB. He earned Mr. Football title, and a full scholarship at Indiana University.

All the Tronti players trained with SAS Sports Performance with had the intense desire to be successful football players.

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